Revan's Mask

On December 6th, I got the coolest helmet in The Old Republic.Revan’s Mask! It was really cheap:1,950,000.The next cheapest was 3,000,000.In case you were wondering,I had 600k after purchasing this […]

My son has decided he wants to start writing about Star Wars: The Old Republic, and his adventures in spending all his credits on the Galactic Trade Network… so, I’ve […]

No, I’m not going dyslexic.   Over on the MWO site, there was quite the large announcement this afternoon…  PGI has “obtained” all publishing rights to MechWarrior Online (marketing, hosting, […]

The Great Phoenix Controversy

Tried to explain my thoughts via Twitter..but that stinkin character limitation doesn’t allow for longer thoughts, and..complete sentences with proper punctuation.  So, here it is.   Backstory: One of the […]

Saitek Giveaway

The CIG team, has partnered up with Saitek to give away some goodies. Up for grabs is: X-55 Rino HOTAS. Playseat Flight Chair. M50 Package What do you need to […]

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the updates around here are very sporadic, and not according to any schedule…. it’s because Real Life wins… At this point, between all the other […]