Wildstar: Exiles or Dominion?

So, which do you guys prefer? The Exiles or the Dominion?

I like the Exiles… I don’t know why, they’re just really cool. Plus if you’re an Exile you get to vist really cool houses like Cindypendence Day’s, CindyLou Who’s, Katia Racer’s (for real, check this one out. You will want to bring your freinds.), and more that I haven’t discovered yet! You also get to be a space zombie… Which, why wouldn’t you want to be? Not to mention the amazing(ly huge) capital city of Thayd.


Well, now it’s your turn people: which do you prefer, and why?

Cindypendence Day’s Patriotic House!

Yep, the owner (I think) of the amazing housing plot “Christmas Town” in Wildstar has done it again! But this time… It’s for July 4th! She has multiple activities for you and your friends to enjoy, inccluding a race, picnic, a game of darts where you are the dart, and more! This time instead of CindyLou Who, she is Cindypendence Day. This house is on the Entity server, and is, of course, an Exile…. Because, Exiles are the cool ones! Anyways, check out her houusing plot on July 5th for a chance to win some sweet, sweet prizes! (I think… Didn’t win the one I competed in.. But the winner said she got a mount, so they sound good! LoL)

Marvel Heroes 2015: Who’s your main, and why?

As the title says, who is your main(s) in Marvel Heroes 2015?

I’ll go first. For me, it’s Star-Lord. He is my favorite Marvel character, and the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie was the first Marvel anything I liked.

My second main is… Probably a tie between Magneto and Scarlet Witch… That is, until I move their gear to DOOM and Ant-Man! If you don’t know, the Advanced Pack 2 had 2 surprise heroes, and 10 announced. 11 is confirmed to be Ant-Man, and 12 is going to be voted on… A.K.A. Magik.

Now it’s your turn: Post below who your main is and why below!

Shadow of Revan

So…I recently completed the Shadow of Revan story,so I thought I’d write about it.




Lots of games have housing now, even Blizzard added their version of housing into the Warlords of Draenor expansion… but, WildStar has proven (again), that they’ve got the right idea with making housing/decorations free form, and not tied to ‘hooks’, ‘plugs’, or anything other than putting stuff where the player wants it.

A player on the US PvE Mega-Server Entity (Exiles faction of course, proving further that us Exiles are the awesome ones! :) ) has put together… Christmas Town!  Of Course, her name is CindyLou Who (because.. what else would you expect?).

I tried to take some video walking around her plot, but.. it didn’t encode well, so you’ll have to settle for screenshots.  Keep in mind, most of these decorations had to be built by combining other decorations (there isn’t, for example, a decorated Christmas tree already in game).

Snowman Party!

Snowman Party!

Red nosed Rowsdower!

Red nosed Rowsdower!

Yeah, that’s right… that’s a red nosed Rowsdower, hanging out near a certain overly jolly fellow’s sleigh…

One more picture:

Lights! look at those lights!

Lights! look at those lights!


As if that wasn’t enough.. CindyLou Who has also created hidden rooms inside Christmas Town, that you’ll need an exploring spirit to go find (no, I won’t tell you where they are, because.. I haven’t found them all yet either).  From her original post over on the WildStar Forums, here’s the clues about the rooms:

Skills required for finding the hidden rooms at Christmas Town:

  • A keen eye
  • Christmas Spirit
  • Affection for elves
  • A mean dance move in times of old referred to as, “The Twist”
  • Rock climbing
  • An absence of the fear of heights
  • The willingness to take leaps of faith


And, she also provides us a few additional spoilers/hints about the secret rooms in her post (go read it, she also has some additional screenshots of her hard work on her housing).  If you want to go visit Christmas Town, I suggest using the AddOn “Kael’s Housing Tour” since it will let you just enter CindyLou Who’s name, and take you to her plot.


I think it’s great that there is this kind of creativity/flexibility allowed (encouraged) by WildStar’s housing system.. I can’t even change the wall decorations in my Warcraft Garrison, or the floorplan of my SWTOR stronghold..  Time for you other games to step up your housing!

Blood Hunt

In SWTOR 3.0,2 new flashpoints were added:Blood Hunt and The Battle of Rishi.Both come with a solo mode(if you advance enough in the story)that can be completed once per character.

The story of Blood Hunt is really good. There are 3 bosses,plus 3 side bosses that have to be completed for the story.


Possible spoilers, if you haven’t already completed this story arc, so click on the more button to read the rest.


Revan’s Mask

On December 6th, I got the coolest helmet in The Old Republic.Revan’s Mask!

It was really cheap:1,950,000.The next cheapest was 3,000,000.In case you were wondering,I had 600k after purchasing this and now have over 1 million.

Revan Reborn helmet

My character,K’ail Revan’s Heir,wearing my new armor

New Author

My son has decided he wants to start writing about Star Wars: The Old Republic, and his adventures in spending all his credits on the Galactic Trade Network… so, I’ve added him here as an author, you’ll see his posts showing up as Darth Void (because… he’s super scary and evil! 😛 ).


Be nice!

Statement from IGP re: MechWarrior Tactics

As posted in this thread over on the MWO forums.


This is the update that Kelly Z, former CEO of IGP, was able to get from IGP today, about the status of MechWarrior Tactics.


IGP Update for the community:
The game is still offline and will be offline for a while longer but the game is not cancelled, IGP is seeking a new partner/developer and a new hosting location for the game.
We hope to bring the game back online soon. We will reach out to the community when we have a timeline to go live.

We apologize for the downtime and the silence. We know it has been frustrating for the players and for those who are wondering what is happening with the game.

Some of you have been reaching out to Blue Lizard Games for an update, BLG is not working on the project and is unable to provide any information on the game.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these changes.


This is, I think, squarely in the ‘too little, too late’ category of updates.  At this point, I don’t think there will be an MWT Community still around, if IGP does actually get around to turning the servers back on.

The communication that they were shopping for another Dev studio (and, have been since December when BLG was no longer on the contract), is something that should have been communicated to the MWT player base (who, are all under NDA), much, much, sooner.


There’s also no excuse for us, the players, to have to go chase down this update, by pestering the former CEO… This should have been posted on all of the IGP/MWT social media channels, and on IGP’s website.. and it should have been done well before taking the site down for ’72 hour maintenance’ 3 weeks ago (note: still down, still says 72 hours).


IGP.. I’ve always been one of the most vocal supports of MWT…and I know I won’t still be *IF* you finally do what you’ve said, and turn the servers back on.


I continue to encourage any MWT Founders, who haven’t already done so, to investigate chargebacks with your banks for your Founder’s pack purchase.  I know most of us are well past the timeframes banks normally allow.. but it never hurts to ask.

Happy Birthday MechWarrior Online

On September 17th of last year, PGI officially took the Beta tag off of MechWarrior Online, and called it a launch.


In the last year, there have been some ups and downs, rage, anger, happiness, and well..pretty much every emotion you’d expect to see about a game that has a passionate fanbase (in part, because of the IP the game is based on).  With PGI’s recent divorce from IGP, things have definitely been on the “improving all the time” path.. which is good.  To continue down that path.. Russ announced their plans for the 1 year birthday today… and oh my, are we getting some goodies!

Not content to just give a single cosmetic decoration away for the big day.. PGI has a whole dropship full of free stuff headed our ways… whether you’re an active player, a Founder, a Clanner, a Phoenix purchaser… or all of the above… there is something for everyone in today’s announcement.


For everyone… we get a double XP weekend this weekend (which is good.. I’ve got a lot of ‘Mechs I still need to skill up in).

Anniversary Weekend
On September 17th 2013 we had our exciting launch event in San Francisco. So to mark this anniversary we’re celebrating this weekend with Double XP, Double XP conversion, and Mechbays for 50% off. Also during this Anniversary weekend, when you win 1 match you will earn a Cupcake Cockpit item.

For some games, that could possibly be the extent of the Anniversary goodies.. double XP, and a free cosmetic item..  PGI, keeps tacking stuff on this year though.

Active player? Currently dropping a few times a week, having fun?  They’ve got you covered to:

Active Player Reward
Our 1 year Active Player Reward is for any player that has played more than 100 matches since September 17th 2013. Eligible players will receive 2,000,000 C-bills, a Mechbay, and a fun standing Cockpit item.
Players with less than 100 matches still have the potential to earn this reward, as you have until Sept 23rd at 10:00 am PDT to hit the mark! The Active Player Reward will be injected into eligible accounts on September 23rd.

I don’t know of any way to confirm if you’ve hit the 100 match requirement, but I think it’s safe to assume that anyone that’s been playing consistently since then, has got it.


(EDIT:  Profile -> Stats.. add up your wins, and your losses.  This is since the last reset, which I believe was March, to go with UI 2.0).

Ever bought a pre-sale package for MWO?  You did? Well… look what you get:

Pre-Sale Reward
This reward is for players who have purchased any pre-sale program package. This includes any level of Founders, Phoenix, Clan Invasion Wave1 and 2 packages, or a la carte mechs. Eligible players will receive an exclusive new Atlas variant – the AS7-S – decked out with a custom paint job, along with a 30% C-bill Bonus and a free Mechbay. This custom AS7-S variant will only be available through our Pre-Sale Reward program and will be injected into eligible accounts on October 21st. You have until Sept 23rd at 10:00 am PDT to earn the Pre-Sale Reward. Standard versions of this new variant will be available for C-Bills at a future date to be determined.


That’s right..another Hero ‘Mech, just for having bought a pre-sale pack at any point, of any cost, for the game…  Not too shabby…

Speaking of pre-sale packs… did you buy chance go ‘all-in’ and grab the Legendary Founder’s pack (I did), or the Overlord Phoenix pack, or the Masakari pack?  Well.. there’s a special reward for that now too:

Top Tier Reward
This reward is for anyone who purchased a Top Tier Package in any of our pre-order programs. Eligible players will receive an exclusive new King Crab Assault Mech decked out with a custom paint job, along with a 30% C-bill Bonus and a free Mechbay. This custom King Crab variant will only be available through our Top Tier Reward program and will be injected into eligible accounts on December 16th. You have until December 16th at 10:00 am PDT to earn the Top Tier Reward. All Standard variants of this chassis will be available for MC December 16th and C-bills January 20th.


Side note.. pretty, pretty, pretty please give us Concept art for this.. please?


Original Founder, and always been a little bit bothered by the Hero ‘Mechs introduced since then having a slightly bigger…C-Bill bonus?  That’s fixed now for us too:

As an additional thanks to all Founders, the C-bill bonus on all original Founders Mechs will be permanently raised from 25% to 30% starting September 17th.

And finally, did you buy into Clan pack 1?  Plan on getting Clan Pack 2 (which, is supposed to be officially announced ‘soon’)?  Well.. there’s a little something extra for you too:


Ultimate Clan Reward
This reward is for players who purchased a Masakari Clan Invasion package and the Wave 2 Man-o-War package. Eligible players will receive an exclusive new Invasion Mad Dog Mech with custom Invasion paint job and unique geometry, along with a 30% C-bill Bonus, 2 additional Mad Dog standard variants and 3 Mechbays .The Invasion version of this Mech will only be available through the Ultimate Clan Reward program. This Invasion Mad Dog Mech and the 2 standard variants will be available starting September 23rd for daily 4 pm injection. All Standard variants of this chassis will be available for MC December 16th and C-bills January 20th. Check out our Clan Invasion Wave 2 page for details (coming soon). The Ultimate Clan Reward program will be available for as long as the Clan Invasion Programs remain active.


So, there you have it… a huge Anniversary give-away, following several weeks of improved communication from PGI.

I’m sure some will question PGI’s motives, but, I don’t plan on looking a gift horse in the mouth…  Thanks for the increased communication with the player base, and thanks for the free stuff!


Happy Birthday MWO!