Just putting these here in case anyone still needs a SWTOR SDCC Cantina code.. free mount, chance at other random stuff..   This crate contains the Prinawe Junction speeder and […]

So…I recently completed the Shadow of Revan story,so I thought I’d write about it. THE FOLLOWING WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NOT COMPLETED SHADOW OF REVAN     

Housing, done right

Lots of games have housing now, even Blizzard added their version of housing into the Warlords of Draenor expansion… but, WildStar has proven (again), that they’ve got the right idea […]

Blood Hunt

In SWTOR 3.0,2 new flashpoints were added:Blood Hunt and The Battle of Rishi.Both come with a solo mode(if you advance enough in the story)that can be completed once per character. […]