Shadow of Revan

So…I recently completed the Shadow of Revan story,so I thought I’d write about it.



So,I recently completed Shadow of Revan on K’ail,so here is what I thought about it:

Rishi is too much like Booty Bay,and the Rishii are too strange.I thought the opening cinematic for SoR was nice,the one where everyone died,and there was tons of destruction.The quest for Kai Zykken and Gorro is fun,I liked chasing Kowakian Monkey-Lizzards through town.Grumm is a fun conversation,I like the part where you ask about how they could possibly be brothers.Lana and Theron were cool to see again.I liked the solo mode flashpoints,it’s a nice way to get them done without grouping,but,they are quite easy,possibly to easy.I The quest to rescue Theron was cool,it was nice to get him to help you in the next fights,plus it’s a neat cinematic when he gets freed.I liked Rishi.Overall,I’d give it an 8.5.

Yavin was better.I liked the conversation options to call Satele useless.The reputation,by the way,has a 100,000 credit walker mount,with your faction’s insignia.Back to story,the solo Revan fight was actually a really fun fight.After you get past the 6 dailies and 4 bosses,you go to the Forgotten Terace.Once you get there,there is a cinematic where Satele,Marr,Theron,Lana,Shae Vizsla,and Jakkaro come to “save” you.At 25% and 75% health,Revan becomes immune to damage and freezes your allies,slowly destroying them.You will have to target one,and if there is a dark side sign,grab a blue orb and stand on them,if there is a light side sign grab a red orb and stand on top of them.Get Satele first,for Battle Meditation,then Jakkaro or Marr,for a tank.After this,there is a cinematic where the Emperor comes back to life,and Revan’s ghost shows up.Then you go back to the Coalition base,talk to Lana and Theron,and then go to Marr.(This is all from the Empire,not sure about Republic)You find out that Lana has been appointed to Leader of Sith Intelligence.My warrior got the title The Empire’s Wrath.Completing this quest unlocks a weekly to kill Revan,a weekly to do 8 dailies,and a weekly to kill a walker.You also get one more legacy bind companion weapon.I’d give Yavin a 10.0.