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Gamescom Cantina Codes

Not much SWTOR news out of Gamescom.. Dulfy has what little has been put out for the two Q&A sessions that were held at the Community Cantinas.. Doesn’t look like much new info.. still no new MMO content announced for the expansion.. everything is still focused on the Single Player aspect.


As with all recent cantinas, there are codes given out to give a mount, and a random item.  Here’s two codes if you need one to use.  Not sure how many time they can be used.

They are only good for 60 days.. so click quick!


Just putting these here in case anyone still needs a SWTOR SDCC Cantina code.. free mount, chance at other random stuff..


  • This crate contains the Prinawe Junction speeder and a random item. This random item could be (all character bound)
  • Dyes (including rare black/black dye)
  • XP boost
  • SP-RO Power Droid
  • Carbonite chamber regen item
  • First Grand Statue of Mandalore.


One from each of my accounts.. should still have plenty of uses left.  Feel free to put your code in the comments to share:

Shadow of Revan

So…I recently completed the Shadow of Revan story,so I thought I’d write about it.




Blood Hunt

In SWTOR 3.0,2 new flashpoints were added:Blood Hunt and The Battle of Rishi.Both come with a solo mode(if you advance enough in the story)that can be completed once per character.

The story of Blood Hunt is really good. There are 3 bosses,plus 3 side bosses that have to be completed for the story.


Possible spoilers, if you haven’t already completed this story arc, so click on the more button to read the rest.


Revan’s Mask

On December 6th, I got the coolest helmet in The Old Republic.Revan’s Mask!

It was really cheap:1,950,000.The next cheapest was 3,000,000.In case you were wondering,I had 600k after purchasing this and now have over 1 million.

Revan Reborn helmet

My character,K’ail Revan’s Heir,wearing my new armor

New Author

My son has decided he wants to start writing about Star Wars: The Old Republic, and his adventures in spending all his credits on the Galactic Trade Network… so, I’ve added him here as an author, you’ll see his posts showing up as Darth Void (because… he’s super scary and evil! 😛 ).


Be nice!

Boulder Community Cantina Wrap-up

Okay, so it’s a little late.. I’ve been busy!  😛


First, on a totally personal note I want to publicly thank the BioWare team that went to the Cantina (Courtney, Cory, Blain, and Ben).  You folks were awesome.  I can’t express how thankful I am to you guys for treating my son (who accompanied me) as an adult, and taking his questions/suggestions/opinions as seriously as you took anyone else’s.  I know I mentioned it on Twitter, but y’all were so awesome to him, it deserves to be mentioned some more.  It meant a TON to us (he loves the game), and I think it helped confirm his desire to work in the Video Games industry when he gets older.  Now, if I could just get him to pay more attention to his math and science….  😛


Now that the mushy stuff is taken care of…


Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

March 22nd, BioWare hosted a Community Cantina event here in CO (Boulder to be precise).  Four brave BioWare Austin team members braved a spring snow shower here to field a whole bunch of questions from SWTOR fans.  I took my ‘assistant’ (A.K.A, my 10 year old son) with me, and good times were had by all.  See Dulfy’s site for all the pics off the thumb drive we got.

During the official Q&A section of the event, the team took some questions from the gathered crowd (I’d guess about 200 people were in attendance).  Since the Galactic Strongholds expansion had been announced days before, they did explain that they’d be unable to answer most Stronghold related questions, except to try and clarify what was in the announcement.

Here’s the notes I took during the official Q&A (questions, and answers are paraphrased a bit..I can only type so fast on my phone).

Q:  What will we be able store in our Legacy Holds, particularly with regards to ‘Bound’ equipment?

A:  Anything you can put in a cargo hold now, but the specifics around Bound equipment are still being worked on.

Q:  Cross Server PvP?

A:  Not planned for any time soon.

Q:  With Galactic Starfighter out, and the announcement of Guild Flagships..does this mean Guild vs Guild PvP?

A:  No current plans.

Q:  Are there plans for “open” space PvP?

A:  It’s on the Wall of Crazy

Q:  Will the Guild Ships have practice dummies, GTN access, etc..?

A:  Good idea

Q:  Will we get space PvE content, based on GSF?

A:  No plans currently

Q:  More class story coming?

A:  No plans at moment.  Patch 2.7 starts a story arc that will last throughout the year.

Q:  Mac Client?

A:  (Interesting tidbit, apparently, both Blain, and Cory used to work for Aspyr!).  No current plans, for a variety of reasons.  Bootcamp works though.       (I do wonder if they’d consider doing a Cider wrapper, instead of a native OS X client though).

Q:  Distribution via Steam?

A:  No plans.

Q:  More Galactic Starfighter maps?

A:  Coming in 2.7

Q:  Pazaak?

A:  Wall of Crazy since before launch

Q:  How are the buffs on the buff bar organized?

A:  Not 100% sure of technical specifics off the top of his head, but there is ongoing discussion internally on how to improve it.

Q:  Incentives coming for world PvP?

A:  No plans on further incentivizing world PvP.  Gree/Rakghoul type events are probably going to be it.

Q:  Performance based rewards for world PvP?

A:  Working on something like that, that isn’t that.  Open world PvP events/experiments haven’t always worked well (probably won’t see another Illum type area).

Q:  More planets from KOTOR (specifically, sanctuary worlds like Manaan)?

A:  Really good idea.

Q:  Additional rewards for completing achievements?

A:  Yes

Q:  Level Cap increase (asked by a little girl wearing a cool, hand-made, crocheted Twi’lek Lekku hat!)

A:  Fantastic idea

Q:  Lifting weapon proficiency restrictions?

A:  No


After the official Q&A Segment was over, the BioWare team began to mingle, and answer questions from people in smaller groups.  At this point, I let my trusty assistant (the previously mentioned son who accompanied me) take charge, and he wandered around asking questions/making suggestions to anyone that would listen to him.  After the event, I made him write down the questions he asked, and the answers he was given… here are some of them:

Q:  Are you going to make KOTOR 3?

A:  EA has a 10 year license from Disney to make games, that one comes up a lot in internal discussions.

Q:  Are you going to add anything from Lost Tribe of the Sith?

A:  No current plans

Q:   Will I be able to move my house from planet to planet?

A:  No, you’ll need to unlock a house on each planet.

Q:  Can you add a place for people to create their own missions?

A:  It’d be difficult, due to Disney, and Lucas needing to approve everything.

Q:  Can you make a Huttball map, where you go up ramps over a Sarlacc to get the ball?

A:  Try the new one on Quesh, it’s vertical…but no Sarlacc.

Q:  Can you make a special quest, that awards Cartel Packs?

A:  Neat idea, I’d like to.


Not to be outdone by my kid (I was though, he had way better questions than I did).  I did get a chance to ask Cory about how much of the Strongholds stuff was going to be in the Market (I did preface my question, with that I’m not a fan of the market, I’m old school ‘my sub should give me everything’).  I had assumed that because of all the bonus Cartel Coins subscribers are going to be getting, that the majority of the Stronghold stuff, would be on the market.  I was pleasantly surprised when Cory let me know my assumption was wrong, and that they plan to have a lot of Stronghold stuff available via in-game methods.


After Saturday night, my excitement for SWTOR is re-kindled.  Between the way BioWare treated my son, the obvious enthusiasm the BioWare folks have for the game, and the answers I heard them giving questions.. I definitely need to get more SWTOR playing in my gaming time again.

My son, posing with who he hopes are future co-workers

My son, posing with who he hopes are future co-workers


Not so secret anymore

The proverbial cat, is out of the bag.  Today, BioWare officially announced the Super Secret Space Project is done (well, mostly done).

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next digital expansion will be:

Galactic Starfighter

Here’s what we know so far:

Unlike the current space missions in SWTOR.  Space combat in SWTOR:Galactic Starfighter will be ‘off the rails’ (meaning, you can fly anywhere you want to in the area).

PvP Only expansion.

12v12 Combat (So, hopefully the space warzones are huge, to avoid a 12v12 furball in the middle of the map 100% of the time).

No Level Cap increase

“Full” Progression/leveling via PvP Content

Customizable ships

No charge for this expansion.

Subscribers will get more ‘early access’ stuff (assuming they subscribe by Nov. 1).. so, it is a nice attempt by BioWare to provide more value for the subscription.

Some okay subscriber only benefits.

Some okay subscriber only benefits.


BioWare has put up a landing page with some artwork, and a few additional details here.  Very little information is available about things like “multiple game modes”, since it’s PvP only, and mentioned at the same time as multiple maps, I have to assume it’s variations on ‘capture the flag/capture the node’ like current WarZones are.  the GS page does mention fighting with your companions so maybe BioWare has a surprise up their sleeves for that, but we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m not sure I agree with BioWare calling this an expansion, based on what we know so far, it feels like a ‘normal’ content patch amount of content (they didn’t, for example call it an Expansion when they added the Novare Coast warzone to the game).

Semantics aside, it’s nice to finally get some ‘off the rails’ content for the space game.  Hopefully, they’ll expand the off-the rails to include a redo of the current PvE space missions (or, just add new ones on top of the existing ones).

If you stopped subscribing to SWTOR, is this enough to get you to resub?

Video Week in Review

I had some spare time yesterday, and thought I’d try making a ‘week in review’ type video to talk about some of the news for the various games I’m playing and/or following development of right now.


It’s…painfully obvious it’s my first go at this.  But, I have no shame, so I’m still going to share it with everyone!

If you can make it through the whole thing, please provide some feedback (other than ‘OMG that was bad’), on how you think I can improve.  I already know from editing that when I look down to read my notes, it looks like I’m closing my eyes…so, assuming I do another one..that’s something I’ll work on.


Again, I’d appreciate any constructive feedback you have…. thanks!

The Return of Double XP

I’m not all ‘doom and gloom’ about SWTOR…  Leading up to the release of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, the SWTOR team gave us our first ‘double XP’ weekends for the game.. and they were awesome.

In addition to the double XP from the weekend itself, legacy XP bonuses, and consumable XP bonuses from the Cartel Market stacked too.. now with the guild XP bonus.. you can conceivably get almost triple XP during these weekends.  So if you’ve got a couple of alts to level, but are tired of repeating the planet story arcs.. now is the time to level them!  Load up on the consumables (hint: check the GTN, they’re available cheaply there, and without having to buy/spend cartel coins).

Here’s the times of this summer’s double XP events:

  • June 21, 2013 (1:00PM CDT / 6:00PM GMT) to June 24, 2013 (2:00AM CDT / 7:00AM GMT)
  • June 28, 2013 (1:00PM CDT / 6:00PM GMT) to July 1, 2013 (2:00AM CDT / 7:00AM GMT)
  • July 4, 2013 (6:00AM CDT / 11:00AM GMT) to July 8, 2013 (2:00AM CDT / 7:00AM GMT)

Jump in and level!  Finish off those unplayed alts, finally get to level cap!  Already at level cap?  Your legacy XP is doubled this weekend to!

I should go tell my son… he’ll probably get his Bounty Hunter to 55 before I get mine there now…