So…I recently completed the Shadow of Revan story,so I thought I’d write about it. THE FOLLOWING WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NOT COMPLETED SHADOW OF REVAN     

Blood Hunt

In SWTOR 3.0,2 new flashpoints were added:Blood Hunt and The Battle of Rishi.Both come with a solo mode(if you advance enough in the story)that can be completed once per character. […]

Revan's Mask

On December 6th, I got the coolest helmet in The Old Republic.Revan’s Mask! It was really cheap:1,950,000.The next cheapest was 3,000,000.In case you were wondering,I had 600k after purchasing this […]

My son has decided he wants to start writing about Star Wars: The Old Republic, and his adventures in spending all his credits on the Galactic Trade Network… so, I’ve […]

Not so secret anymore

The proverbial cat, is out of the bag.  Today, BioWare officially announced the Super Secret Space Project is done (well, mostly done). Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next digital expansion […]