Not so secret anymore

The proverbial cat, is out of the bag.  Today, BioWare officially announced the Super Secret Space Project is done (well, mostly done).

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next digital expansion will be:

Galactic Starfighter

Here’s what we know so far:

Unlike the current space missions in SWTOR.  Space combat in SWTOR:Galactic Starfighter will be ‘off the rails’ (meaning, you can fly anywhere you want to in the area).

PvP Only expansion.

12v12 Combat (So, hopefully the space warzones are huge, to avoid a 12v12 furball in the middle of the map 100% of the time).

No Level Cap increase

“Full” Progression/leveling via PvP Content

Customizable ships

No charge for this expansion.

Subscribers will get more ‘early access’ stuff (assuming they subscribe by Nov. 1).. so, it is a nice attempt by BioWare to provide more value for the subscription.

Some okay subscriber only benefits.
Some okay subscriber only benefits.


BioWare has put up a landing page with some artwork, and a few additional details here.  Very little information is available about things like “multiple game modes”, since it’s PvP only, and mentioned at the same time as multiple maps, I have to assume it’s variations on ‘capture the flag/capture the node’ like current WarZones are.  the GS page does mention fighting with your companions so maybe BioWare has a surprise up their sleeves for that, but we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m not sure I agree with BioWare calling this an expansion, based on what we know so far, it feels like a ‘normal’ content patch amount of content (they didn’t, for example call it an Expansion when they added the Novare Coast warzone to the game).

Semantics aside, it’s nice to finally get some ‘off the rails’ content for the space game.  Hopefully, they’ll expand the off-the rails to include a redo of the current PvE space missions (or, just add new ones on top of the existing ones).

If you stopped subscribing to SWTOR, is this enough to get you to resub?