Blood Hunt

In SWTOR 3.0,2 new flashpoints were added:Blood Hunt and The Battle of Rishi.Both come with a solo mode(if you advance enough in the story)that can be completed once per character.

The story of Blood Hunt is really good. There are 3 bosses,plus 3 side bosses that have to be completed for the story.


Possible spoilers, if you haven’t already completed this story arc, so click on the more button to read the rest.


The bosses are: Kraymala Gegas’Rugam(I think,not sure about spelling) The Deadly Hairball.I haven’t done Blood Hunt in a group,so the only advice I have is to use the mushrooms.

Jos and Valk Beroya(I think),a Mandalorian couple.Again,I haven’t done this,so my advice would be to start with Jos.

Shea Vizsla AKA Torch.Stay out of the fire.


The side bosses I know of are Klor Slugs,a Rancor,and Lurkers.I think there are also Tonitrans,and Krakjyas.These seem pretty easy,so they may not need advice.


Solo mode does not drop any loot,except for the last boss,which drops a piece of gear for your class.All the ones I’ve gotten are level 60,with 56 mods.