Want to win $25,000? Play Marvel Heroes

I realize that sounds like clickbait….but, really it’s not.. you can actually win $25,000 playing Marvel Heroes starting tomorrow (July 8th).

According to this post on Comicbook.com there will be 5 “Vibranium tickets” that randomly drop in the game.. each ticket is worth $5,000 of Gazillion’s hard earned money.

Doomsaw confirms it in this thread on the official forums, and goes on to provide a bit of additional information.

  • The Vibranium Ticket can drop anywhere at any level. It’s not affected by any boosts (SIF, RIF, Odin’s Bounty, etc.)
  • Some countries do not participate in contests like this for legal reasons. Nothing we can do about that, but most of the playerbase is covered. (If someone from one of those countries wins, we’ll see what we can legally give to them, if anything, to make them as happy as possible)
  • The money is coming from Marketing’s budget, so no development impact.. just fewer banner ads somewhere.
  • If someone finds a ticket that cannot win money, but are allowed to win something else, they will put the ticket back into the pool and help the person with whatever they can legally get.
  • Tickets will drop starting the 8th (can’t find a time anywhere), and go until all 5 have been ‘claimed’.  So, that could take however long it takes.
  • Anyone who claims a ticket before the Marvel Heroes panel at SDCC will be publicly recognized/announced.

I know what I’m going to be doing the next few days… Now, if only they’d release the Spider-Gwen costume before hand, so I could play as Spider-Gwen while trying to get a $5,000 loot drop.

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  1. And think, if I won, most of the money would go back to Gaz…

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