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Marvel Heroes 2016: Character Poll

Marvel Heroes fans, Advance Pack III is coming!  Head over to Game Informer to vote for Green Goblin a member of Advance Pack III.  Here’s the list of choices:


Green Goblin

One of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies, vote for Norman Osborn.

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

The new Ms. Marvel… Don’t know much about her…  She’s like a glorified version of Mister Fantastic, to be honest.

Miles Morales

Another Spider-Man… This time the ultimate universe one though.


Used to be a Guardian, full name: Angela Odinsdottir


The deadliest woman alive.  Adopted daughter of Thanos, and member of the Guardians.  If they make a movie costume for her, there might be a movie Gamora team-up.


Janet Van Dyne, founding member of the Avengers, married to Hank Pym.



Pretty good choices…  It was hard to choose between Gamora and Green Goblin for me.  So, what are you waiting for?  Vote Green Goblin for your favorite today!

I realize that sounds like clickbait….but, really it’s not.. you can actually win $25,000 playing Marvel Heroes starting tomorrow (July 8th).

According to this post on there will be 5 “Vibranium tickets” that randomly drop in the game.. each ticket is worth $5,000 of Gazillion’s hard earned money.

Doomsaw confirms it in this thread on the official forums, and goes on to provide a bit of additional information.

  • The Vibranium Ticket can drop anywhere at any level. It’s not affected by any boosts (SIF, RIF, Odin’s Bounty, etc.)
  • Some countries do not participate in contests like this for legal reasons. Nothing we can do about that, but most of the playerbase is covered. (If someone from one of those countries wins, we’ll see what we can legally give to them, if anything, to make them as happy as possible)
  • The money is coming from Marketing’s budget, so no development impact.. just fewer banner ads somewhere.
  • If someone finds a ticket that cannot win money, but are allowed to win something else, they will put the ticket back into the pool and help the person with whatever they can legally get.
  • Tickets will drop starting the 8th (can’t find a time anywhere), and go until all 5 have been ‘claimed’.  So, that could take however long it takes.
  • Anyone who claims a ticket before the Marvel Heroes panel at SDCC will be publicly recognized/announced.

I know what I’m going to be doing the next few days… Now, if only they’d release the Spider-Gwen costume before hand, so I could play as Spider-Gwen while trying to get a $5,000 loot drop.

Marvel Heroes 2015: Who’s your main, and why?

As the title says, who is your main(s) in Marvel Heroes 2015?

I’ll go first. For me, it’s Star-Lord. He is my favorite Marvel character, and the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie was the first Marvel anything I liked.

My second main is… Probably a tie between Magneto and Scarlet Witch… That is, until I move their gear to DOOM and Ant-Man! If you don’t know, the Advanced Pack 2 had 2 surprise heroes, and 10 announced. 11 is confirmed to be Ant-Man, and 12 is going to be voted on… A.K.A. Magik.

Now it’s your turn: Post below who your main is and why below!


Marvel Heroes Online today announced their Founder’s Program.

In an effort to drown players in choice, they have not one, not two, but twenty-four (!!!) packs to choose from!  The packs are spread across 3 different tiers of support (starter, premium, and ultimate) ranging from $19.99 to $199.99.  For a limited time only, all the packs are also coming with bonus in game currency, that essentially doubles the amount of in game cash you’ll receive.

At the starter level, you have 16 different packs to choose from, each pack giving you one character, and one costume for that character.  The premium tier gives you 4 characters (except for in the Deadpool pack, then you only get Deadpool) – The Deadpool pack actually gives you additional in game currency, and an extra costume.  The Ultimate pack gives you well… everything.  All announced Heroes, all costumes for the heroes, and a Permanent XP/Item Finding boost of 5%!

That's an awful lot of Marvel!

That’s an awful lot of Marvel!

Head on over to the Marvel Heroes site and pick up your Founder’s pack now!