Next on our list of announced Cataclysm class changes… The Warrior! It’s important to keep in mind while reading the Warrior changes, that Blizzard has announced that they are going […]

Blizzard has released some of the class changes to all the classes for their upcoming expansion Catacylsm. I’m going to repost the Blizzard announcement (and any clarifying comments made afterwards), […]

Cryptic is offering a 25% discount on things in the C-Store for both Champions and STO.  It’s just the items in the store, no sale on the points used to […]

Cryptic pushed out a little mini-patch this morning, specifically to address the little mail “incident” from yesterday’s patch.  All your attachments should now be visible in the mail, hopefully, you […]

Small patch today from Cryptic for STO.  Can’t tell you the patch number, it flashes by too quick on the launcher for me to grab, so we’ll call it the […]