STO: Patch Day!

Small patch today from Cryptic for STO.  Can’t tell you the patch number, it flashes by too quick on the launcher for me to grab, so we’ll call it the 4/13 patch.

Be warned, there is apparently a bug causing mail attachments to not show up currently, it seems to have something to do with the change made to prevent STO players from receiving mail from Champions Online.  Cryptic is aware of it, and looking for a fix currently.

Here’s the notes:

General Updates

  • Borg ships resist confuse, hold, and subsystem damage. The higher the tier of the ship, the higher the resistance.
  • The Cure miniboss now drops unique purple kits.
  • STF – Khitomer Accord is now available for play
  • Fleets – You are now prompted for confirmation when kicking someone from a Fleet.
  • Fleets – Now display line breaks in the Fleet Information area.
  • Fleets – Added more description in bank tab permissions screen.
  • Fleets – Addressed an issue where When first logging in to a transfered character who was in a Fleet, the player would receive an untranslated message about their Fleet.
  • Fleets – Moved some Fleet messages out of System channel and into the Fleet channel.
  • Fixed a camera issue where it would appear inside the ship when zoomed in all the way
  • When a Klingon Carrier Warps into system space the camera no longer pans through the ship’s geo.
  • Added confirmation text when deleting mail with items attached.
  • Players should no longer recieve mail items from other Cryptic Games.
  • Fixed a pvp exploit where players are spawning into a map while dead to avoid being assigned to a pvp faction.
  • The issue with lag on the ipvp borg hunt map has been resolved.


  • Modified Orbital Strike FX so they won’t get blocked when playing in environments with short ceilings.
  • Adjusted Warp in FX a bit


  • Updated Tribble of Borg audio
  • Ambient audio for various maps has been updated/improved.
  • Some enemy powers sounds that were too low in volume have been turned up.
  • Cerin Teresa’s Pah Wraith powers have been sonified.
  • Fixed some audio tech to allow more FX audio to be play at once.

Missions and Environment

  • Renamed and reworded all mission text for Federation player PvP missions to include new Federation versus Federation PvP game types
  • Created 2 different looking sides for KvK PvP Assault map. Now there is red and blue side.
  • Beaming Assault teams down to enemy installations updates the scoreboard properly.
  • The mission Divide et Impera now has a functional final encounter that no longer gates mission completion.
  • Slightly reduced the number of roaming borg cubes in borg sector space.
  • Players will no longer be able to bypass the ground encounters on The Cure.


  1. Fixed holes and texture errrors in geometry for federation dreadnaught “U.S.S. Jupiter” class
  2. Added more variety to Mirror Universe ships in addition to the existing Miranda MU variants

Characters and Costumes

  • Fixed an issue where PIPs would not appear on low end settings

UI and Controls

  • Skill Picker and Skill Respec – “Accept” button is now disabled if no net change has actually been made.
  • Fonts – Updated the Mission font styles to use in the HUD.
  • Captain’s Log no longer filters system text
  • Removed some targeting highlight FX that were playing on inappropriate objects
  • Character Creation: Now displays the selected number of species traits out of the max choosable traits for clarity. (Before it was just displaying the max choosable traits).
  • Modified the way the power levels UI sliders work in mode 3. The sliders will only move when dragging the mouse up or down – they will no longer get set when the player clicks on the slider bar.
  • Added mouse filtering options to the main options screen to smooth out camera motion while free-looking.
  • Darkened grid in paper doll background

Known Issues

  • There is minor audio popping in the ambient sound effects in the ground portion of Khitomer Accords