Star Trek Online

After having done near daily maintenance for server stability issues since the launch of their “Legacy of Romulus” expansion, the Cryptic team over at Star Trek Online is giving us […]

STO Turns 2

Star Trek Online’s 2 year anniversary event started yesterday… I hadn’t logged in to play in ages (even after they went F2P), so I figured I’d log in and see […]

In this week’s weekly maintenance, Cryptic pushed Season 4 out to players of Star Trek Online. This is the ‘big’ update that is supposed to ‘fix’ the absolutely horrible ground […]

Non-TOR related news.. This coming weekend (June 23rd – June 27th).  Q will be visiting Earth Spacedock (or Qo’noS if you’re a Klingon) and giving you a double XP boost.  […]

Another patch, more added content!   During maintenance today, Cryptic added in some more stuff, and made some much needed improvements to how Memory Alpha works, although there is still […]

Cryptic has announced their RAF rewards.  Looks pretty good so far.  Similar to WoW they give you an auto-teleport to your referred friend, some leveling bonuses (though, not as extreme […]

Little patch released today to address some of the bugs found in the Season 1.1 update.   Here’s the notes: Greetings! Update ST.1.20100420a.14 Today’s update is a hotfix to address some […]