Star Trek Online

STO Turns 2

Star Trek Online’s 2 year anniversary event started yesterday… I hadn’t logged in to play in ages (even after they went F2P), so I figured I’d log in and see […]

In this week’s weekly maintenance, Cryptic pushed Season 4 out to players of Star Trek Online. This is the ‘big’ update that is supposed to ‘fix’ the absolutely horrible ground […]

Non-TOR related news.. This coming weekend (June 23rd – June 27th).  Q will be visiting Earth Spacedock (or Qo’noS if you’re a Klingon) and giving you a double XP boost.  […]

Another patch, more added content!   During maintenance today, Cryptic added in some more stuff, and made some much needed improvements to how Memory Alpha works, although there is still […]

Little patch released today to address some of the bugs found in the Season 1.1 update.   Here’s the notes: Greetings! Update ST.1.20100420a.14 Today’s update is a hotfix to address some […]