STO: Refer A Friend Rewards

Cryptic has announced their RAF rewards.  Looks pretty good so far.  Similar to WoW they give you an auto-teleport to your referred friend, some leveling bonuses (though, not as extreme as WOW’s).  And after 5 referrals, a new Tier 5 ship you can use (the Galaxy class from ‘All Good Things).

Here’s the link to the official page, and a copy/paste for posterity sake of what they are now:

It’s always more fun to save the galaxy with a friend or family member. Here’s your chance to introduce your friends to Star Trek Online for free!

Click start to send an email invitation to your friend or family member. It will have a link to create their Cryptic account. (Coming soon!)

Meet up with your recruit in Star Trek Online and get exclusive in-game benefits.

Get rewarded when your recruit buys Star Trek Online. More if they pay for a subscription!

What are the benefits and rewards?

As soon as your friend or family creates an account, he or she becomes your recruit. You’ll automatically be added to each other’s friends list, so you’ll be able to link up right away.

Once your friend has purchased Star Trek Online, you’ll receive a brand new title – Courier – as well as an exclusive Holographic Tribble Pet! What’s more, you both can enjoy:

  • A special power to instantly travel to your friend (first 30 days).
  • A 5% Captain and Officer skill point bonus when you’re teamed up (first 15 days).
  • A 5% damage bonus when you’re teamed up (first 15 days).

Once your recruit has subscribed to the game for a month, you’ll earn:

  • A new title: Recruiter.
  • An exclusive Holographic Bridge Officer (works with Federation and Klingon players).
  • 400 Cryptic Points.

For each additional recruit that subscribes to the game, you’ll receive an additional 400 Cryptic Points. Once you’ve recruited five subscribers, you’ll receive these great rewards:

  • A new title: Master Recruiter
  • A special ship: The Tier 5 “All Good Things” Galaxy Class.

Note: Some game play restrictions apply for recruits, see FAQ. While supplies last. Only active subscribers to Star Trek Online can send invitations. For the recruiter to qualify for the Star Trek Online purchase rewards, recruits must enter a valid Star Trek Online retail Product Registration Key. To qualify for the subscription rewards, recruits must be billed for at least a one month of subscription.
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