It’s that time again… the 2010 WoW Arena Tournament is getting ready to start up.  Here’s the official announcement.  Looks like this time they’re trying to reduce the number of […]

Following in the footsteps (kind of) of WoW’s Armory Cryptic introduced the Captain Database. You can’t see the ‘gear’ on a Captain, or on their current Starship, or their ‘spec’ […]

STO: Underwear?

I started playing STO back in Open Beta, and off and on I’ve seen posts on the STO forums from people talking about STO drawing underwear in (apparently, only on […]

Special Tip for everyone… apparently calling a known forum Troll a Troll… gets you an infraction on the STO forums.. or at least it did this weekend…  Oops!  ;)   I […]