STO: Captain Database

Following in the footsteps (kind of) of WoW’s Armory Cryptic introduced the Captain Database.

You can’t see the ‘gear’ on a Captain, or on their current Starship, or their ‘spec’ which kinda sucks.  Cryptic has stated that they are looking into a ‘privacy’ option to allow you to either remove yourself, or limit what data appears in the CDB (something there was much outcry on Blizz’s forums requesting when they first introduced the Armory, but they did not do).  Cryptic needs to put it in XML format like the Armory, so it can be datamined more efficiently to provide worthless statistics to various forum trolls.  They also need to add a RSS feed so that you can ‘show off’ your character’s progress in a blog, facebook, etc.  Ideally, it’d be an account-wide RSS feed that pulls all your character data, or at least lets you specify which characters you want to generate a feed, and incorporates those chosen ones into a single RSS feed.