STO: Underwear?

I started playing STO back in Open Beta, and off and on I’ve seen posts on the STO forums from people talking about STO drawing underwear in (apparently, only on the female characters).  I never really understood why, since you can’t ‘get naked’ so to speak like you can in say WoW (granted WoW isn’t any more ‘naked’ than swimwear, but you get the point).

Then, I happened to be visiting the tailor in Starbase, and noticed that when I left the tailor, things rendered in layers.. with the panties rendering before the skirt.  Interesting way to deal with a rendering problem I guess.

Here’s a SS:

edit:  And in case for some odd reason, you ever wondered what a Borg’s Butt looked like, here’s the same effect on my Liberated Borg Captain:

STO Graphical error on a Borg character