SWTOR: Smuggler’s Vanguard

There’s a short story up over on Star Wars.com, written by Robert Chestney, who is one of the writers for Bioware working on The Old Republic. The story is about Hylo Visz a Bounty Hunter that plays a pretty decent sized role in the back story that Bioware is writing fill in the timeline for TOR.

I just finished it, not a bad read.. here’s a short excerpt:

A fiery comet blazed past the moons of Talus, leaving a trail of amber dust. It spent only moments in view of the pilot’s seat, but it caught the attention of Hylo Visz. A comet was a sign of change — an omen that could be either good or bad. She wanted to consider its meaning later, when she had more time. Just now, the Crimson Fleece had dropped out of hyperspace, and Hylo was steering the ship toward its destination, the still-distant form of Corellia. Normally, she enjoyed the peaceful moments between completing a hyperspace jump and entering a planet’s atmosphere, but not today. Today, the Fleece was carrying valuable cargo, and two passengers Hylo would just as soon have left back on Nar Shaddaa.

The flight from Hutt Space had taken no longer than planned, but Hylo had been counting the minutes. The goon camping in her co-pilot’s seat–his name was Musk–gabbed incessantly in his own form of crude Basic. Musk was trying to show off his knowledge of the inner politics of the Hutt Crime Cartel. Based on his naïve analysis, he was criticizing his boss, Barrga the Hutt, for making all the wrong decisions. Hylo had no basis for knowing the wisdom of Barrga’s actions, but she was willing to bet that Musk didn’t either. Of course, this kind of talk was no surprise; most of the Hutts’ hired guns spent their time gossiping about their bosses’ behaviors. She could have forgiven him this; Musk was a Nikto, not exactly known for their brilliance. But he hadn’t stopped there.