Arena Commander: First Kill

I finally got a chance to fire up the Arena Commander module for Star Citizen the other night… and… wow.. I’m bad at space flight… NASA, take note.  If there is ever a need for a civilian pilot to fly a mission to save the Earth… I am so not your man…

While I found I was quite bad at flying, the Arena Commander (DogFighting Module), is still pretty fun.  Not super stable, and suffers from quite a few disconnect errors..but hey… Alpha!  I think I might need to look into getting an actual ‘flight simulator’ setup, instead of trying to make due with keyboard/mouse.  I seem to have a tendency to over-correct when I’m flying, not sure if better controls would help with that or not.

In proof that even a terrible pilot can manage a kill occasionally… My first venture into the Arena, also got me my first kill!  I did have the video being recorded, so, for everyone to see (and, I’m sure, make fun of how bad I fly)… here’s my first arena match!


Sorry about the abrupt ending… match crashed out at that point, and it happened to take my whole client with it.

On the plus side, the CIG crew has already announced that they’re working to resolve all the crashes/disconnects/rubberbanding that people are experiencing with the current build (plus, presumably, all the ‘normal’ bug fixing they’re trying to do).

Based on how I fly right now.. I’m really glad there will be non-combat things to do in Star Citizen.  I’m hoping the tutorial part of the Squadron 42 game will help me fly better…along with lots of practice between now and then.