Star Citizen

The Great Phoenix Controversy

Tried to explain my thoughts via Twitter..but that stinkin character limitation doesn’t allow for longer thoughts, and..complete sentences with proper punctuation.  So, here it is.   Backstory: One of the […]

Saitek Giveaway

The CIG team, has partnered up with Saitek to give away some goodies. Up for grabs is: X-55 Rino HOTAS. Playseat Flight Chair. M50 Package What do you need to […]

Asteroid Hangar Goodies!

Okay.. Okay.. I know I’ve been way behind on Star Citizen updates.. real life has been busy!  CIG has, fortunately, not been waiting for me in order to keep cranking […]

State of the Empire, #10

Hey look.. double digits! This was our first week with the full ‘regular’ broadcast schedule for the three CIG shows (I joked about needing one last week, but CIG has […]

State of The Empire, #9

I’m back!  Sorry about missing a week.. Real life reared it’s head, and reminded me that there just isn’t enough time in a day to do everything.   Lot of […]

State of the Empire, #8

Greetings Citizens! It was another busy week for CIG.. lots of stuff happening! We started off the week, by crossing the $37 Million mark, which is keeping funding going at […]

In preparation for The Next Great StarShip competition starting up, CIG has opened up a poll to allow us to pick the ‘ship type’ that the contestants will be building […]

Welcome to the latest edition of “State of the Empire”, the weekly recap of everything going on with Star Citizen! Pretty steady flow of information this week from CIG, though […]