$37 Million, and Organizations!

Yesterday brought us to big pieces of news.

1)  The long awaited Organization system (and, new XMPP chat system! No more Chatroll!) went live.  You can now head over to the Organization ‘hub’ page, and search for, or create your dream Organization.  Keep in mind, at this point you are still limited to joining only one Organization at a time.  Head over to the Chat page, and give the new chat system a whirl too (you’ll need to click on the ‘RSI Chat Beta’ link to the top right of the chat roll window).  About 5,000 Organizations were formed in the first 12 hours!

2)  Star Citizen has crossed the $37 Million Funded mark.  It looks like the “time per million” is slowing down a tad, which isn’t really a big deal, since the game is already totally funded.  $37 Million gives us the next “Player Selection” system type:

  • Tanga System – At the heart of an unusual rectangular planetary nebula, lies Tanga System. The inner planets were engulfed as the star entered the red giant phase. The expanded habitable zone unfroze a small world on the former outer ring and for several hundred million years made it habitable. Life began to emerge and was just reaching a primitive state when the star collapsed into a white dwarf, throwing the planet back into a deep freeze, then blasting the atmosphere away with the resulting planetary nebula. That’s how the system was found: Only two worlds (speculation that there could have been three to four more) but both are dead planets with no atmosphere.

We also got the $39 Million goal revealed:

  • UDS-2943-01-22 System – Breaking news: UEE astrophysicists based at the famed Klavs observatory station have utilized advanced telescopy and other remote sensing technologies to identified a truly unusual star system on the fringes of know space. The object, once thought to be a single massive star, is actually a trinary star consisting of two white dwarfs and an active pulsar orbiting one another. Because of the complex gravitic factors at work, it is now believed that a jump point leading to the system likely exists in or near explored human space. Beyond the bizarre stellar makeup, the composition of the system is all but unknown. Could planets exist in this carefully balanced web? What else might have been drawn there? One thing is certain: the first Citizen to travel to UDS-2943-01-22 will have one hell of a view!

There is also one more final “system type” vote for us to participate in, to determine the $40 Million goal.  The remaining three options are:

Lost Human Colony

Tevarin Ghost World

Xi’an Science Outpost

So, head over and Vote (Xi’an!)