Statement from IGP re: MechWarrior Tactics

As posted in this thread over on the MWO forums.


This is the update that Kelly Z, former CEO of IGP, was able to get from IGP today, about the status of MechWarrior Tactics.


IGP Update for the community:
The game is still offline and will be offline for a while longer but the game is not cancelled, IGP is seeking a new partner/developer and a new hosting location for the game.
We hope to bring the game back online soon. We will reach out to the community when we have a timeline to go live.

We apologize for the downtime and the silence. We know it has been frustrating for the players and for those who are wondering what is happening with the game.

Some of you have been reaching out to Blue Lizard Games for an update, BLG is not working on the project and is unable to provide any information on the game.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these changes.


This is, I think, squarely in the ‘too little, too late’ category of updates.  At this point, I don’t think there will be an MWT Community still around, if IGP does actually get around to turning the servers back on.

The communication that they were shopping for another Dev studio (and, have been since December when BLG was no longer on the contract), is something that should have been communicated to the MWT player base (who, are all under NDA), much, much, sooner.


There’s also no excuse for us, the players, to have to go chase down this update, by pestering the former CEO… This should have been posted on all of the IGP/MWT social media channels, and on IGP’s website.. and it should have been done well before taking the site down for ’72 hour maintenance’ 3 weeks ago (note: still down, still says 72 hours).


IGP.. I’ve always been one of the most vocal supports of MWT…and I know I won’t still be *IF* you finally do what you’ve said, and turn the servers back on.


I continue to encourage any MWT Founders, who haven’t already done so, to investigate chargebacks with your banks for your Founder’s pack purchase.  I know most of us are well past the timeframes banks normally allow.. but it never hurts to ask.