Twin Dragons

Today’s MechWarrior Online patch is chock full of changes and new content.

Not one, but two new Hero ‘Mechs (The Twin Dragons), who get their own little intro video, that also gives us our first look at the River City Map….at night! (also in today’s patch).

Other highlights from Today’s Patch:

  • Removal of Repair/Rearm Costs post match.
  • Conquest Mode (5 Capturable nodes on the map)
  • Restructured Cadet system to make it easier for new players to earn C-Bills (also will provide lump sum payment to existing players).
  • Introduction of the Stalker Assault ‘Mech
  • Additional cosmetic Holiday items for your cockpit
  • Assorted performance fixes
  • Weapon balances
  • Banners for Piranha Hunt winners
Look at this guy!
Look at this guy!

So patch up, and get to it!