MechWarrior Online

No, I’m not going dyslexic.   Over on the MWO site, there was quite the large announcement this afternoon…  PGI has “obtained” all publishing rights to MechWarrior Online (marketing, hosting, […]

The PGI team has posted their first Vlog.. this is supposed to be a replacement for the forum based ‘ask the devs’ weekly Q&A. This initial episode, was supposed to […]

A la Carte Clan packages

In response to the criticism of the pricing (and positioning) of some of the Clan ‘Mechs in the recently announced Clan packs, PGI has introduced a new package option.  This […]

Enter.... the Clans!

Just when you thought PGI might be coasting till the start of the new year…. they hit you with a big announcement. The Clans are coming!  (OK, so, if they […]

Pimp My 'Mech!

It’s contest time over at MechWarrior Online!  Think you’ve got what it takes to bling your ‘Mech out?  Now’s your chance! Here’s the goodies up for grabs as prizes: Prizes: […]

Yesterday was Patch day over at MechWarrior Online, bringing us the 3rd patch since the game officially launched.  If you were looking for a ton of new content, maps, ‘Mechs….this […]

Break out your carving gear, or other crafty utensils… MechWarrior Online is throwing a Halloween contest! Rules: Must have a valid Forum Account at which is in good standing. Must Post […]

Unleash the Phoenix!

It’s the 15th… and that means it’s time for the folks over at MechWarrior Online to unleash the Project Phoenix ‘Mechs upon us!     If you pre-ordered Project Phoenix […]