First Look: The Argo

It’s E3 week, and companies are announcing new games (and by new, I mean.. Sequel number 7555 – along with a few actual new titles).. but.. none of those are important.. The important information to come out of E3 Week.. comes via PCGamer.. and is a first look at the Argo, the Dropship that will be our base of operations in the single player campaign in BATTLETECH.


We get brief glimpses around the Argo.. Barracks ‘MechBay, Command Center (where we get to see Lady Arano, one of the main characters in the single player campaign).

We get to see the navigation map, and jump being plotted from Detroit to Argos or Carthage (maybe? I can’t find Detroit on my Star Map, just one of it’s neighbors Herotitus).. on the same summary screen where you select which part of the Argo you want to view… you get to see how rich you are, and how soon you’re going to be running out of money.  For a Merc.. those are pretty important details.  After all, you can have the best ‘Mechs and crew around.. but if you can’t afford to get them anyway, you’ll never get a contract.

From the layout, it looks like the Argo will function like your ‘base’ in XCom.  We’ll go to the Barracks to check on the health of our MechWarriors, ‘MechBay to customize the ‘Mechs themselves, Captains Quarters to gaze lovingly at our trophies…Command Center will be where we launch the actual missions and get to see the ‘Mech action.

Single player looks to be shaping up nicely, and I’m quite glad it’s not included in the beta.. I don’t want to be spoiled on the story before I get to play it.


That clip, showcases some of Jon Everist’s music.. but doesn’t give a good description of what is being shown.

This video has the full interview with Jordan and Mitch, and they provide some insight into the parts of the Argo we get to see, as well as some of the Beta gameplay.