Danzig Debacle

Some players from the BattleTech community have posted a bunch of scenarios for people to try and beat during the Beta (and, I suppose… after release too if you want to).  If you’re interested in looking at them all, the thread is here.

Since it’s always good to support the community.. I figured I’d give all the scenarios a go, starting with the first one that was posted “Danzig Debacle”.

Here’s the backstory for the scenario:

THE DANZIG DEBACLE – Mercenaries vs Medium Striker Lance

A joint FedSuns/FWL team of mercenary operatives travel to the deep Periphery to track down the leader of an interstellar terrorist organization that had taken hundreds of civilian lives on Galatea through a series of bombing attacks. Led by professional bounty hunter Alex Steele, they travel under the guise of an outlaw mercenary group blacklisted several years ago by the MRB.

Having eliminated their target after several weeks of shadow operations, the group exfiltrate Danzig in their machines but are intercepted by an unmarked lance of heavy ‘mechs bearing superior firepower and speed. Alex frantically re-deploys his lance in a defensive position as Carmen’s Garret D2j array picks up fast-moving contacts less than a mile away…

A minute later, the tranquil atmosphere was shattered by a distinctive man-made thundercrack of the enemy Panther’s white-hot particle beam searing off glacis armor from Tony Beckham’s Griffin. Alex Chang’s nimble Jenner took off towards the flank and disappeared in an enormous plume of smoke, his Jenner’s air-augmented fusion jets sending him aloft towards high ground. The ground shook as Alex squeezed off a long burst from his 80mm autocannon towards the Panther, sending it darting for cover as the entire treeline erupted in puffs of dirt, smoke and splintered wood; the ear-splitting braaaaaaaaapppp! of radar-directed 57mm and 23mm guns performing an area suppression role while the team picked firing positions.


With a build up like that… how can you NOT try this one?  I mean.. so what if the disclaimer says the difficulty is “Very Hard”.. surely it can’t be that hard…right?


Yeah.. Carmenara tagged this one as “Very Hard” correctly.. to date, I’ve been unable to beat this one.. partly, I’m still getting used to the differences between BATTLETECH and the TT or older games… and partly.. because it’s flipping hard.

Most skirmishes during Beta, you get two to three turns before you make enemy contact.. that allows you some decent time to get positioned, find favorable terrain.. etc..  Then you’ll normally not see the entire enemy lance at once.. they tend to trickle in over a few turns…  This scenario.. you get 1 turn before enemy contact, and it’s the entire enemy lance that you make contact with.

I’ve tried making straight for the water, hoping to take advantage of the extra cooling to just pew pew pew pew through the other lance.. I’ve tried using a light ‘Mech to string them out, hoping to pick them off one at a time.. I’ve tried..standing there and just going toe to toe with them.. So far.. I’ve thoroughly had my butt kicked by the AI while trying this scenario.

Here’s the lance the scenario setups for you to use (‘Mech – Pilot):

  • Centurion CN9-A – BLOCKADE
  • Griffin GRF-1S – OZONE
  • Jenner JR7-D – PARADISE
  • Jagermech JM-6S – MOCKINGBIRD

And the opposing lance:

  • Panther PNT-9R – WITNESS
  • Hunchback HBK-4G – ARCLIGHT
  • Kintaro KTO-18 – WILDFIRE
  • Quickdraw QKD-5A – KRAKEN


I’ve recorded a couple of my attempts at beating this scenario, in what I thought would be a video showing me totally destroying the AI….. but… not so much.. lol.

And, because one video of me failing to beat the AI is never enough…

If you’ve got suggestions on how to beat this scenario, or have another one you’d like me to try (I do plan on trying to do all the ones in the linked thread).. let me know!