“Ultimate Smuggler” Video

Last Friday.. as part of the Friday Update.. we got the Super Awesome Smuggler Progression video.  While “discussing” (read that as raving over it, and being a huge fanboy!) the video on Twitter.. someone (I’m not sure if she wants to be named here or not.. so.. I’m not) was awesome enough to link me the music used in the video (Norwegian Pirate, from Two Steps from Hell).  Which led to further fanboyism..  The idea of combining the music with Firefly came up.. and Kristen Archer from TORWars, my ‘source’ for the song, @gamerlady, and myself were throwing around ideas/scenes from Firefly that should be included…

So.. I spent the week working on it (by the way.. iMovie ’11.. is..well.. let’s say no where near as good as iMovie 6 was – so you should fix that Apple.. since, I know you’re hanging on my every word).  While working on this.. I realized it’s been a very, very long time since I’ve actually done any video editing type work..and also, that it’s pretty fun.


So.. I give you… my first TOR related video project..what I’m calling the “Ultimate Smuggler”:


Please..be gentle with your comments.. I realize it’s not perfect, but, hey.. I’m a noob at video editing stuff ;)  If you want the professional stuff.. go loop all the BioWare videos!




edit:  After much feedback from twitter, email, guildmates, and comments here.. I’ve taken another pass (or 4) at trying to clean this up, and improve it.. this is the ‘final’ version, as I think I’ve hit my limit of what I can currently do with the tools I have.


  1. Wow, total labor of love! Good choices on the quotes and scenes and nice cut overs between them. Only suggestion is to try and set the background music lower in volume, at least in the Firefly dialogue portions.
    I really, really like the choice of the Firefly theme music over the SWTOR smuggler ship scenes at the end.
    Totally enjoyed this one!

  2. Yeah.. I had issues with the audio levels.. I’m going to keep tweaking it and reupload when I get it better balanced.

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