Now Serving…Boar’s Head!

Sorry, not the yummy Boar’s Head deli meats you were expecting.  Instead, it’s time for a serving of MechWarrior Online’s latest Hero ‘Mech “The Boar’s Head”, introduced in yesterday’s patch:


In addition to The Boar’s Head, we got a new map in yesterday’s patch as well.  Crimson Strait, which made it’s public debut at the launch party (it’s the map the all Blackjack drop that turned into an all Centurion drop was on) has been added to the rotation now too, here’s a quick screenshot from the new map:



The new map is big enough, that it presents multiple opportunities for ambushes, and other small unit tactics.

This patch also continues the trend of turning the Ultra AC/5….into just a regular AC/5 that can jam 20% of the time, so I’d recommend not using the UAC5 for the time being.


Full patch notes after the jump… patch up.. get your game on!


Upcoming Patch – Tuesday October 1st @ 10AM – 1PM PDT

Patch Number: 1.2.245

Change Log


Greetings MechWarriors!

We are excited to be adding our ninth map to the game! Crimson Strait. We can’t wait to see what kind of interesting new tactics players develop on this map.

Finally the Hero Atlas rears its head,. The Boar’s Head. All I can say is: 3 energy hard points on each arm? Yikes! This guy is going to pack a punch!

A Spider Champion is born! Love em or Hate em. A Spiders presence in the battle can really turn the tide. This little champion is sure to be a thorn in my side.

The new pre-match organization screen lets you take command of your lance or your whole team, because teamwork is OP.

Read on for more Tuning Fixes and Improvements.

And remember! Project Phoenix Talon, Storm, Guardian, and Overlord Packages are dropping next patch! Now is the time to get in on the action with these awesome packages.

See you on the Battlefield!

Matt Newman.


New Map:

Crimson Strait divides two major land masses and is an exclusive economic zone that has been in on-going dispute for many decades.

At its mid-point, lies a major metropolis skirted by an airport and shipping terminal, which also serves as the city’s main entry point.

The port is surrounded on two sides by a high cape and a steep mountain ridge. The strait gets its name from the reddish pigment in the water which is derived from the metabolizing of naphthalenes from endophytes living in marine plants; which also has a side effect of producing a slightly sweet aroma.

Although this large capacity transshipment port has limited storage capabilities, most goods are cross-docked and therefore a high risk hub for contraband and derivative contraband such as battletech parts, technology and chassis.

Along with having commercial shipping airport facilities, dignitaries and business people usually arrive here as it is deemed the securest point of entry on the northern continent.


New Hero Mech

“The Boar’s Head” AS7-BH

– Tonnage: 100
– Engine: 400 XL
– Top Speed: 64.8 kph
– Max Engine Rating: 400
– Torso Movement:
– 75 degrees to each side.
– 16 degrees up and down.
– Arm Movement:
– 35 degrees to each side.
– 30 degrees up and down.
– Armor: 592 (Standard)
– Internal Structure: Endo-Steel
– Weapons & Equipment:
– Left Arm: Medium Pulse Laser x3
– Left Torso: LRM 10
– Right Torso: AC/10
– Right Arm: Medium Pulse Laser x3
– Hardpoints:
– Left Arm: 3 Energy, 1 AMS
– Left Torso: 1 Missile
– Right Torso: 1 Ballistic
– Right Arm: 3 Energy
– Heat Sinks: 20 Single
– Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)
– ECM Capable?: No
– Module Slots: 2
– Movement Archetype: Huge
– 30% C-Bill Bonus

New Trial Champion Mech

Spider SDR-5K(C)

– Tonnage: 30
– Engine: 255 XL
– Top Speed: 137.7 kph
– Max Engine Rating: 255
– Torso Movement:
– 110 degrees to each side.
– 20 degrees up and down.
– Arm Movement:
– 40 degrees to each side.
– 30 degrees up and down.
– Armor: 210 (Ferro-Fibrous)
– Internal Structure: Endo-Steel
– Weapons & Equipment:
– Left Arm: Machine Gun x2
– Center Torso: ER Large Laser
– Right Arm: Machine Gun x2
– Hardpoints:
– Left Arm: 2 Ballistic
– Left Torso: 1 AMS
– Center Torso: 1 Energy
– Right Arm: 2 Ballistic
– Heat Sinks: 10 Double
– Jump Jets: 2 (6 Max)
– ECM Capable?: No
– Module Slots: 2
– Movement Archetype: Tiny

New Trial ‘Mechs.

– Spider SDR-5K(C)
– Centurion CN9-A(C)
– Dragon DRG-5N(C)
– Atlas AS7-RS(C)

Front End

Pre-round screen:

– Players can take command of company or lance.
– Company commanders can re-organize players in the company.
– Ready button – when all players have clicked ready, the game will start, overriding the timer.


– FPS improvements when users look out at an empty horizon.


– Jump Jets now provide a slight forward thrust on take off. Once in the air you cannot vector off your current trajectory.
– UAC/5 ammunition per ton now matches the AC/5 at 30 rounds per ton.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue with CPU detection in CryEngine where AMD processors weren’t being correctly identified while running Avast! virtualization.
– Fixed an issue where the flamer particles were on an angle when firing from the weapon.


– Greater visual weapon customization for the Atlas variants. They will better visually reflect the weapons that have been equipped on them.
– Known issue: The Founders variant does not currently have the new level of customization.

Known Issues

– Damage may not be dealt to `Mechs standing in Lava on Terra Therma. Heat is correctly applied.
– The pre-round countdown may sometimes display incorrect numbers (including negative numbers) in some specific cases.
– Audio warnings for airstrike and artillery strikes may be incorrectly heard during the pre-match countdown. MechWarriors using these modules should await the ingame audio notification before attempting to unleash these weapons.

We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

The MechWarrior® Online™ Team