May 2012

Today’s maintenance (which, sadly ran a bit long), brought us a new patch.. plenty of bug fixes in it. The one that made me LOL: COMPANION CHARACTERS General Corrected an […]

Yesterday Funcom announced that the release date for The Secret World has been pushed back to July 3rd, with Early Access starting June 29th.  They also gave us some information […]

Sadly, Stephen Reid, has confirmed that he was one of the folks impacted by the layoffs at BioWare Austin yesterday.   I’d like to take a moment to say thanks […]

Diablo 3 Launch

This morning at 12:01 AM…. Blizzard proved how to successfully kill a single player game. For some reason, Blizzard has decided that in order to play Diablo 3 single player.. […]

Today’s maintenance brought us another little patch filled with bug fixes. Mini-pets can no longer be summoned inside Warzones. I’m curious as to the logic behind this change.. were mini-pets […]

Friday brought us the ‘A’ part to the Weekly Q&A that the SWTOR team does with the Community. There weren’t any major revelations in this week’s Q&A.. this little tidbit […]