Hello!  In WildStar, I have built a restaurant on Ann Dreamstorm’s plot.  Here’s the menu:     THE TWILIGHT DINER   Entrees: Prime Pumera Rib – 9 copper Treysane Tacos […]

Hello people!  So, as you probably don’t know because I don’t think I ever wrote about him, my favorite character in WildStar is Darth Kail, the badass Mordesh Engineer!  So, […]

Housing, done right

Lots of games have housing now, even Blizzard added their version of housing into the Warlords of Draenor expansion… but, WildStar has proven (again), that they’ve got the right idea […]

Carbine announced some official guidelines for ‘how to be a WildStar fan site’.  These guidelines have triggered some changes in how I’m posting content. Here’s the guidelines: WildStar Only – Websites […]

In addition to all the new content in the Strain Drop… players who voted in the PC Gamer/Carbine ‘design a weapon’ contest.. should have received the winning weapon in their […]

Last bit of teased drop content hit today… the DevSpeak: Highlights: Something for everyone New PvE content (duh) Lore Exploring Housing No new PvP stuff yet.. .though the DevSpeak does […]