Adventures of Darth Kail

Hello people!  So, as you probably don’t know because I don’t think I ever wrote about him, my favorite character in WildStar is Darth Kail, the badass Mordesh Engineer!  So, I have lately decided to start writing stories about him.  I have the first five done, and I will post them once a week.  Here’s the first one, enjoy!

The Raid of Deradune

Book one of the Adventures of Darth Kail


It was a warm day when they called him in.  One of the heroes of the Exiles, they thought he was well-suited for the job.  FCON was planning an attack, and they thought they couldn’t win without him.  Kail Kasparoff, known to his friends as Darth Kail, and to most as Agent Kasparoff.  When he got the call on his comlink, he went as fast as he could.  

When he arrived, they were waiting for him.  “There you are,” said General Stonebreaker.  

“And wondering what the rush is,” replied Kail.  

“We’re planning an attack,” answered Deadeye Brightland.  “It’ll give us a foothold against the Dominion.”

“And where will this attack be?”
“Deradune,” repled Stonebreaker.  

“The desert?”

“The very same.”

“I know of this place.  Draken territory, practically owned by Clanlord Makaza.”  

“Well…  We want you to help in the attack.”

“I gathered.”

“You’ll be leading about 150 men.”

“When do we start?”  


Two weeks later

“Alright, men,” says Kail, yelling to be heard over the fighters.  “You know your mission.  Secure a foothold in Deradune, and hold the position until FCON sends more men to claim it for the Exiles.  From there, we move until we can secure Deradune and kill Clanlord Makaza.  When you are ready, board the fighters.  And one more thing…  There won’t be any holo-crypts…  So try not to die.”



“Anyone dead?”  

“No, sir.”

“Good,” Kail answers.  “Listen up!” he says, yelling now to be heard, “Looks like we’re about 3 kilometers from the Feralplain Collective.  If you read the brief, you know that is where the Chua work.  We will attack there, and when FCON drops the reinforcements, move south to Bloodfire Village.  We will take the route to the southwest, as they will not expect that.”  

They walk until they can see the Collective, and Kail calls “Stop!”.  No one knows why.  “We will rest, for 30 minutes.  Check your armor, weapons.  Get some food.  We leave when I say.”  

“Yes, sir!”


Thirty Minutes Later

“Let us go.”  They walk across the desert.  When they are within 5 minutes of the Collective, someone yells “Snipers!” and soldiers start falling.  “Where are our snipers?” asks Kail.  “If they are not dead, get to cover and fight back!”  About 25 men run to cover behind rocks, trees, Granoks, anything they can find.  The rest of them run into battle.  Kail’s Bruiserbot jumps onto a guard, and, using its legs as claws, rips him to pieces.  Then, Kail follows his Bruiserbot, making a bigger trail of Dominion bodies.  

“TANKS!” calls a soldier.  He’s not wrong, and from around the corner, come three tanks.  Almost all soldiers ignore the Dominion men and start firing at the tanks.  “No!  Attack the infantry!” commands Kail.  “Stone, Karavax, Johnson, start firing on those tanks!  The rest of you, when they stop shooting at you, help us!”  The commands are executed to the letter.  “Karavax is down!” calls Stone.  “Take cover!” commands Kail.  Something flies through the air, and there is a cacophonous explosion.  A tank’s cockpit goes flying into the air, and lands about 50 feet away from its original position.  Another is so badly damaged that after a few shots from the remaining soldiers, it too is destroyed, though without a tremendous explosion.  The third is damaged, but not enough to not be a threat.  “Divert all fire to the tank!” yells Kail.  “I want it destroyed!”  Within five minutes, the Exiles have taken control of the Feralplain Collective.  “Nice work.  Check your weapons, repair your armor, heal the wounded, and eat.  We leave as soon as FCON secures this place.”  As Kail is going around, ensuring that the orders are being followed, he notices something.  A spark, coming out of his Repairbot.  It was shot by a Chua.  “Come, R3, I will repair you.”  


“Look!” calls a soldier.  “Drop pods!”  

“Good.  I will meet them.  Barkfield, with me.”  


The drop pods are indeed Exiles, and when they open, Durek Stonebreaker is in the first one.

“General,” says Kail, saluting.  “I assume your presence means that I am relieved of command?”

“Nope,” says Stonebreaker.  “I’m leading a different attack.  We will head east, to the gates of Illium.  You’ll still take the Village, though.”


While they are talking, they see about 30 soldiers coming.  “There they are!  They’ll hold this position so you can move on.”  

“Understood.  We will leave now.”


They walk until dusk.  After that, they stop to eat and rest.  They set up camp, and after a while, Kail and a few other soldiers go out to scout while there is still daylight.  After a while, they come to a huge cage.  “What the [BLEEP] is that?” asks one of the soldiers.  The cage starts opening, and they don’t have time to run.  Out comes a giant beast, with metal covering it.  “Is it a robot?” asks an Aurin.  “No, it is augmented,” answers Kail.  “Cover me.  I can deactivate it.”  He pulls out a device, and opens it.  He hears the beast roar, and gunfire.  He flips open the circuits, and connects some wires.  “Hurry up!” yells a soldier.  “We can’t hold him much longer!”  

“Is it the red switch or the blue one…?”  

“NOW!” yells a soldier.

“Forget it,” says Kail, flipping the red switch and throwing the device.  It lands under Metal Maw, as the soldiers have started calling it, and electricity zaps out of the device, into the beast.  It gives a terrible roar, and the augmentations seem to absorb the electricity, effectively supercharging the beast.  “I suppose it was the blue switch,” he mumbles.  “RETREAT!” he yells.  The soldiers run, the beast chasing them the whole way.  They abandon the Collective, and run for the original landing point, only to find it overrun with Chua.  They turn to each other, and call for Durek on the comms.  “Through no fault of my own, there is a supercharged beast running through Deradune.  We will try and get it back in the cage, but you had best call for extraction.”  They all run back to the cage, and herd it in.  Then they start firing at the cage door, and just as the beast is about to get out, the door falls on it.  They return to Feralplain Collective, where Exile fighters are waiting to extract them.  They climb in, and return to Thayd.  


Back in Thayd

The news of the attack spreads quickly.  Exiles all over Nexus are wondering about the beast that has been officially dubbed Metal Maw.  Kail’s official report says that he expects that 20 well-armed soldiers could bring it down, and that 10 might be able to if they flip the blue switch, though he will not explain that part.  


The End