WildStar content moved

Carbine announced some official guidelines for ‘how to be a WildStar fan site’.  These guidelines have triggered some changes in how I’m posting content.

Here’s the guidelines:

  • WildStar Only – Websites must be solely created and provide exclusive coverage for WildStar. Sites that are part of a larger gaming network (i.e. portal sites) are acceptable as long as the specific portal is devoted to WildStar and are proactively maintained.
  • Domain Name Only – Official Fan Sites must have a proper domain name and web hosting to be considered Official Fan Sites.
  • Established Record – A newly submitted site should be up and running at least 60 days before becoming an official site.
  • Frequently Updated Content – Official sites must be maintained and updated with quality, original content regularly. Sites that lapse will be removed from the list.
  • Administrator Contact Information – There should be one person from the site that is the primary point of contact for the WildStar team. This person needs to have consistently updated contact info. Not providing us with updated contact information for your site’s admin will be considered grounds for removing your site. An active game subscription will also be required to post on the forums.
  • Signed NDA – At our request, Official Fan Site operators may be required to sign and submit a non-disclosure agreement. We will provide it to you, should we require one.
  • Acceptable Content/Advertising – Official sites must not contain any material that is not compatible with the spirit of our game or the standards by which we run our own site. WildStar is rated “T” by the ESRB and we require fan site content to reflect that. Additionally, an official Fan Site may not have gold selling, power-leveling, botting, or any other form of exploitation advertised on their sites.
  • Coherent Design – An Official Fan Site need not be professionally designed, but we do ask that the style and look of the page reflects the thorough work that you have invested.
  • General Professionalism – We will not support a site that does not implement best practices in web security, or engages in improper behavior like spamming, selling user information etc. Official WildStar fan sites must adhere to all of these guidelines to remain in good standing with Carbine Studios and the WildStar Community Team.


Because of these changes, I’m moving all WildStar content to a new sub-domain (I need to find out if cross posting the content between the subdomain (wildstar.bigdamnheroes.org) and the ‘regular’ domain is ‘acceptable’ or not.  If it’s not, then content will only be on wildstar.bigdamnheroes.org.  I’ve also got a different (more W* specific) appearance on the new subdomain.. so, hopefully that’ll appease the WildStar Community folks, and I’ll be able to get “recognized” as a fan site!