WildStar Wrap-up, Volume 3

This was the week of the [REDACTED] with some teasing about [REDACTED]…. only.. it’s not [REDACTED] anymore! That’s right… the worst kept secret in WildStar is officially revealed, the last […]

WildStar Wrap-up, Volume 2

This week’s WildStar news centers around another Class Drop.  The reveal this week, was a re-reveal (the last re-reveal) of Nexus’ space ninja… The Stalker!   Stalker week started out […]

WildStar Wrap-up

Welcome to the first of a weekly column recapping all the WildStar news that’s fit to print for the last week!  The game is still in beta (I’m not in […]

Today’s WildStar Wednesday from the Carbine crew, teases at big class drops (including official reveal of the last two), more live streams, and… BETA is BACK! WILDSTAR LIVESTREAMS So many […]

Today’s WildStar Wednesday is another round of patch notes.  I’m still impressed with the fact that the WildStar team took this route to address the notes being leaked back when […]