Atlas Claus is coming to town!

With Open Beta in full swing, and all the patches, tweaking, and content additions that go with that, the MechWarrior Online team, has also taken a moment (or a few moments), to throw some fun holiday items in the MWO Store.

So Let’s see what Atlas Claus can bring this year!

Atlas Claus is nuking his list twice!

The ‘man’ himself Atlas Claus will run you 1,000 MC (the ‘cash store currency’ for MWO).  Here’s the rest of the holiday goodies:


  • SnowMech – 750 MC
  • Christmas Tree – 500 MC
  • Gift Boxes – 250 MC
  • Christmas CommandElf – 1,000 MC

“Hanging Decorations”

  • Christmas Lights – 1,250

“Wall Decorations”

  • Christmas Wreath – 250 MC

Never one to miss a chance to show off my horrible photo-editing skills.. here’s a pic showing all of the above items at once:

Ho Ho Ho Look at all the goodies!

These are limited time items, so get ’em while they’re hot!


There’s even something for the naughty MechWarrior on your list:

It’s coal for you! Naughty, Naughty! (250 MC)