October Creative Update

Bryan Ekman posted the October Creative Update for MechWarrior Online.  While it doesn’t contain any new information as far as actual content goes for October (The new map which we got before the CDU was posted, and the Phoenix ‘Mechs we already knew were coming, make up all our new content for the month).  It does give us some insight into the current progress the team is making on Community Warfare:


Community Warfare Building Blocks

The following features are part of the Community Warfare master feature. Each of these has been identified as an isolated feature that can be developed and released independently or as a group with other blocks. Each block is not created equal, some are incredibly large, some are very small. I’m trying to find an easy way to visualize these blocks via the website, for now text will have to do.

Ready For Internal Test

  • Skirmish Mode (Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch

In Development

  • UI 2.0 MechLab
  • UI 2.0 Pilot Lab
  • UI 2.0 Misc.
  • Attack/Defend Mode
  • Loyalty Points
  • Achievements
  • Mercenary Unit Life

Ready For Development

  • Matchmaking
  • Private Matches
  • Player Level

In Design 3

  • Mercenary Life

In Design 2

  • Ready Screen
  • Loyalist Life
  • Inner Sphere
  • CW Economics
  • Mercenary Unit Assets
  • Mercenary Unit Logistics
  • Contracts
  • Planetary Warfare
  • Front Warfare

In Design 1

  • Loyalist Unit Life

A note on development phases.

  • In design 1 – A twinkle in our eyes, we are still brain storming.

  • In design 2 – Feature brief has been presented to stake holders for vetting.

  • In design 3 – Design has been approved and is being broken down into user stories.

  • Ready for development – Design complete, waiting for resources to be assigned.

  • In development – Resources assigned and actively working on feature.

  • Ready for internal test – Feature is complete and ready to be tested by QA.

  • Ready for public test – Feature has past basic internal testing parameters and is ready for public testing.



Good to see a CDU coming early in the month, I still would prefer to see them before we get any of the patches for that month though, since already delivered patches seem to always take up a good chunk of the CDU.  It’ll be interesting to see if we get UI2 and DX11 on the public test server as planned still this month or not.