Summer of SWTOR

Today we got a post from Bruce Maclean over on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums.  One can only assume this is in response to the discontent expressed by a lot of players, over the lack of ‘content’ updates compared to Cartel Market Updates.  The post is here.

First.. I’m extremely glad to see some sort of roadmap laid out for actual game content coming soon.  Disappointed that the only thing they’re hyping for 2.2 (which is due in a matter of weeks), is Nightmare mode for “Terror From Beyond”.  With every complaint about 2.1 being told “it’s just a CM update, the next one is content” only seeing one new mode, of existing content is disappointing.  It does look like crafters will finally see a little love in 2.2, by getting the ability to craft Underworld gear (Don’t RE your existing stuff).  Based on this update, it looks like our hyped ‘content’ update will be light on the content.

The best news in today’s roadmap, is the return of Double XP weekends.  Starting in late June, we’ll get 3 Double XP weekends, including the July 4th ‘long’ weekend!  This is a good thing, and something they should continue to bring back as often as possible!

Later July will bring us the Gree (again)..this is the one that will be re-balanced for level 55 players.  So, if you don’t have the expansion, or haven’t hit 55 yet.. now you have a deadline.

Game update 2.3 is being touted as “biggest update since 2.0” and will contain “New Flashpoints, New Daily Area, New Recurring Event, and Graphics updates”…


Kudos to BioWare for putting target dates on this content… Even if they miss the dates, at least people will have an idea of when things are coming.  Looks like this will be a good summer for them.

Now…we just need some hints on what they’re planning on doing to make subscribers feel they are valued, and getting their money’s worth out of the subscription…

Hello everyone,

My name is Bruce Maclean and I am a Senior Producer here at BioWare Austin. I know there have been a lot of questions around the forums about what kind of content you can expect from us this year and so I’m here today to give you all a bit of information about what we’re working on bringing to you this summer!

First up, Game Update 2.2, which is currently targeted for launch on June 11th:

  • Nightmare Mode Terror From Beyond. It’s got vicious new mechanics and is definitely not for the faint of heart. I’m very excited for you to see the new gear that comes with this, which uses a new appearance system we’ve developed for armor and weapons called ‘Scrolling UVs’.
  • New Guild Bonuses! Players in guilds currently receive a +5% experience bonus, but now every 5 active players in the guild will add an additional 1% bonus to XP and reputation, up to a maximum bonus of 10% each.
  • Crafters can now craft Underworld gear! But don’t RE that piece if you are still using it…
  • Unified fleet chat channel for each faction, for easier group finding without having to hop between instances.

We’ve seen a lot of requests for a rerun of our Double XP weekends. Well, okay! We’d like to help you stay cool in the heat of the summer with three weekends starting June 22nd and continuing through July 7th. The third and last weekend will actually start early on Thursday the 4th of July, in case you are enjoying a long Independence Day weekend.

By July 9th Ops groups will have had four weeks to cut their teeth on Nightmare Mode Terror From Beyond. That’s when we will launch Nightmare Mode Scum and Villainy as a part of Game Update 2.2.2! New mechanics and unique loot for you.

July 23rd look for a return of the Relics of the Gree Event for a nice two week long run. Per community request the Event will scaled up to level 55 on this next run!

August 6th is our target date for Game Update 2.3, which we are working on right now and will be our biggest update since 2.0. Some of the bigger parts of this update are:

  • New Flashpoints
  • New Daily Area
  • New Recurring Event
  • Significant graphical upgrades

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and we are also working on some longer term stuff. Sometimes we have been averse to discussing specific dates well in advance, because we aren’t going to release anything unless we feel it is ready to go live and we don’t want to upset folks if we move a date back. Well I think we should just tell you what date the teams are shooting for, and if we don’t hit them we’ll just tell you why. Radical thinking, I know. As we get closer we’ll have a lot more juicy details on these – keep your eyes peeled to the forums and for more information. Also, for those who are curious about the next updates to PvP, I will just say… apart from minor tweaks (like stunbreak abilities cooldown being reset on death in 2.2) you should look forward to Game Update 2.4. /rubshands