Today’s drop is the information the hardcore of the hardcore have been waiting for…. the Raid Drop! Time to gather 19, or 39, of your best equipped friends, and go […]

Carbine has announced the dates for Open Beta… May 8th to May 18th!   You’ll be able to level to 30 for OB…  Here’s a list from the Carbine announcement […]

Arenas and BattleGrounds not HardCore enough for you?  Can’t find enough people to challenge in Open World PvP?  Well… How’d you like to take 39 of your closest friends into […]

Another awesome Flick from the Carbine Cinematics peeps today!  This one is our first look at WarPlots!   These speak for themselves…nothing further needs to be said by me!  :P

Carbine has teamed with the folks over at PCGamer, and given us the opportunity to help design a weapon, and get some free goodies at the same time.   Head […]

Boom Boxes that is! As a reward/incentive for hopping into beta (pre-order beta, and open beta) Carbine is offering us Boom Boxes! Boom Boxes are the WildStar version of the […]

The Carbine crew is treating us to an extra weekend of beta-y goodness! Do you think waiting until next weekend to play WildStar sucks? Do you feel like being capped […]

It’s not just Rowsdower and Raiders you need to keep an eye out for on Nexus…. there’s those pesky other players too! Even if you’re rolling on a PvE server, […]

Go! Go! Go! Go!   It’s that time… Pre-Orders are live!  Head over to the pre-order page and get going!   Here’s the blurb from the W* News announcement: We’re […]