Stephen Reid (Head Community dude on TOR).  Just gave us this warning if you want to not have all of E3 spoiled for you by tomorrow’s EA Press conference via […]

Pre-E3 Goodies

On Friday, the ‘regular’ Friday update was jam packed with goodies.  In all honesty, it was a better update then I expected we’d get, since E3 starts Monday.   The […]

BW has posted their traditional Friday update for TOR.  This week, more information on advanced classes!  Original post here.   Advanced Classes (often abbreviated ACs) are chosen on your faction’s […]

Bioware has put together a highlight reel from Pax-East.  The link to their news post about it is here..  I’ve embedded the clip for you here as well. Read all […]

Since Today is April 1st, BW has given us the April Fool’s day version of their Friday update… and it’s great.   The game will be shipped with a version […]

Stephen Reid posted this over on the official forums today: ***ALL SPOTS ARE NOW PROVISIONALLY TAKEN*** 4:01PM CDT / 10:01PM UK Time – At this time all spots are provisonally […]

There’s a thread over on the official forums started by Cerina, where she has offered up her graphic design services to put logos together for guilds.  So far, it’s been […]

Little late to the party getting this posted.. stinking job ;) Today, as they do every Friday.. Bioware released the Friday update.. this one is pretty good (way better then […]

Bioware visited GDC 2011 (Game Developer Conference) pre-Pax, and the footage is finally becoming available online (well, some of it).  Bioware made a couple of presentations there one is included […]

front cover of novel

The second novel set in the timeline of The Old Republic MMO hit the shelves yesterday (brick and mortar, e-retailer, and eBook shelves). I’m behind on my reading, and still […]