State of the Empire, #5

Welcome to the last State of the Empire for 2013, at least, barring any major surprise announcements from CIG during Christmas week.  I’ll be taking the week off to spend […]

Overnight Chris Roberts posted a comm-link updating everyone on the status of the DogFighting Module (originally scheduled to be out this month).  I’ll break the bad news up front.  DFM […]

State of the Empire, #3

It was a fairly calm week with regards to Star Citizen news this week (maybe everyone started their Christmas vacations early?). We started off with an overview of the Centauri […]

State of the Empire, #3

For the first time in, awhile, the Star Citizen funding total, didn’t blow through multiple millions in a week.  That didn’t stop CIG from giving us a lot of information […]

State of the Empire, #2

The fact that Thanksgiving was this week, didn’t stop it from being chock full of news on the Star Citizen front.  It’s like CIG, and the Star Citizen Community wanted […]

What time is it?  Yeah… it’s time for another round of “holy crap, that’s a lot of money”!  Otherwise known as “Star Citizen passes yet another funding milestone, now over […]