The Official Strain page has been updated with information on the two new zones (Blighthaven, and Northern Wastes). Blighthaven: THE BATTLE AGAINST THE STRAIN REACHES A BLIGHTED NEW BATTLEFIELD! Welcome […]

Hot on the heels of teasing us about new content… Carbine has turned up the PTR!  (Okay, technically, it’s not up right now.. but it should be shortly) Have a […]

Today we got the first part of the Strain Ultra Drop, a new Flick!   Based on this, we can surmise that Rowsdower will eat anything…. Highlights: First looks at […]

So… WildStar officially launched June 3.  2 weeks later, they’ve started teasing the first major content drop coming soon.   The Strain “Ultra Drop” has begun: While the drop page […]

Don’t like paying a subscription?  Have more in-game platinum than you know what to do with?   Has Carbine got a deal for YOU! Now available from Carbine’s web-store, C.R.E.D.D […]

If you’ve purchased, and are playing, WildStar.. you should have received an email containing some guest passes to distribute to your friends, so they too can get hooked! (First hit […]

Servers are up, the floodgates are opened… The Exiles are defending Nexus from the Dominion, Boom Boxes are being opened..   GO!  GO! GO! It’s LAUNCH DAY!   But, first…. […]

No, not the two step shuffle…   The 2-Step Authentication security measure for your account.  Nobody wants to get hacked, have their stuff stolen, and log into find your Character […]

With Launch looming closer, Carbine has thrown together a trailer highlight various aspects of the game…Combat, Housing, Customization, PvP…   When it comes to WildStar content, this trailer is like […]