Card Type: Core Tech

The MechWarrior Tactics team gave us the latest ‘mini-dev diary’ today.. this one covers ‘Core Tech’ cards.

Core Tech is a blanket term that is covering all of your ‘Mech’s internals (Engine, Gyro, Sensors, etc..).  Armor is not covered under ‘core tech’, so I’m guessing armor will be covered in a future Card Intro.

Important things:

  • Core Tech comes on your ‘Mech, you don’t need to worry about being unable to field your Lance because you can’t find a second Leg Actuator for your Atlas.
  • Heat Sinks are the exception to this, because you can put ‘extra’ heat sinks on your ‘Mech, you will be able to get Heat Sinks in STACs.
  • Core Tech items can get destroyed if they get hit (i.e. if you run out of armor, things will start to go boom).  The number of hits a Core Tech item can take before being destroyed, varies by the equipment (Heat Sinks can take 1 hit, Engines 3 for example).
  • Depending on the equipment, damage that doesn’t destroy the item, will still have negative impacts on your ‘Mech’s performance.

Let’s look at one of the cards:

Save the sink!

Like the Weapon and ‘Mech cards previously introduced… the Core Tech cards, give us bits of information at a glance.  From left to right.. we have heat ‘generation’, the blue icon indicates heat cooled vs heat created.  iclorox did mention this will be updated to say -1 in the future.  Next, we have the tonnage of the card (1.0, since the card is a heat sink), followed by the number of critical slots taken up by the card (1).  The last icon on the right, is the CV of the item.. this will be added to the CV of everything else on the chassis to give the ‘Mech’s final CV.

Core Tech that can’t be replaced (so, everything except for Heat Sinks) won’t have the card number icon down at the bottom, they’ll all read “0/XXX”.


iclorox does a very good job during the post, to explain why they’re doing things the way they are (especially when it differs from tabletop).  He also teases us about an upgrade system for the Core Tech components.. head on over to the official site, and read his comments.