Streaming Suggestions?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be participating in the Extra-Life gaming Marathon on November 2.


Since it’s a long time to stay awake.. I figure I’ll stream at least part of the time that I’m playing.  It might be a fun way to interact with other Extra-Life participants, and community folks from the various games.


I know I’ll stream some:

MechWarrior Online (You can see me get blown up in my new Project Phoenix ‘Mechs!)

Saints Row IV (I’ll start a new character, and play through for a couple hours)

Star Citizen’s Hangar Module (or, possibly the Dogfighting module *IF* CIG surprises everyone, and gets it out that early).. I’ll show off whatever ships I have, go through some of the customization..that kind of stuff, so this will probably be a fairly short portion of the stream.

SWTOR – My son will want to play with me that weekend, might as well stream a bit of it.

A surprise title that’s still in Closed Beta and under NDA (I’m working with the publisher to arrange this one).  This one I’ll probably stream several times throughout the day.

Anything else you want to see streamed?  If I’ve got it, or it’s reasonably priced… I can give it a whirl!

Don’t forget to donate (if you can) to my Extra-Life campaign.. donation link here.